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Sugar rush!

We’ve had a blast completely redefining what cotton candy can be, and many of the flavors you see here are Bon Puf original creations! Using only organic cane sugar, all natural flavors and colors, and a few unexpected ingredients, we’ve put a truly modern spin on this classic treat.

Bon Puf Originals

Mango con Chile

sweet mango kicked up a notch with a shake of hot chile !

Salted Caramel

creamy caramel with a pinch of sea salt on top – sweet with a hint of savory!

The Aloha

watermelon & coconut swirled together, topped with watermelon Pop Rocks!

Strawberry Lemonade

bright lemon swirled with fresh strawberry.

Pop Puf 

pure vanilla topped with Pop Rocks – a double fun explosion of yum!

Honey Rose

honey and rose spun together – an elegant floral friendship!


chai floss dusted with a delicious spice blend – yum!

Lychee Green Tea

lychee dusted with real matcha green tea powder – bright and creamy!

Sweet Bubbly 

sweet champagne topped with white sprinkles – cheers!


creamy goodness topped with cinnamon & sugar - just like the famous rice drink!


sweet vanilla with all-natural confetti sprinkles!

Sparkle Puf

strawberry enchanted with a dash of edible glitter – pure magic!

single flavor pufs


fruit stand fresh with a bright berry flavor


sweet and tart with a citrus twist


sweet and fragrant like mango sorbet


rich and creamy – straight from your dreams of paradise

Earl Grey

flowery as a cup of afternoon tea with a splash of cream


light and sophisticated with a subtle fruitiness

Flavor Facts 

Organic Cane Sugar

All-natural flavoring

Natural plant-based coloring

Vegan + Kosher

Note: some of our toppings are not organic, kosher or vegan. If you have any concerns please ask.

custom flavors

We are able to create custom flavors just for you! Let’s discuss your event and we’ll see what we can come up with. 4 weeks lead time required.

Non-organic options

If you want something bright and bold in both flavor and color (blue, purple, etc) or if you simply want the classic pink carnival candy, we have non-organic options available.

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