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I made it to Zagat's 30 Under 30 list for 2014! So honored to be in the company of such amazing talent! 

hi, i'm cloë!

I have vivid childhood memories of pink sugary clouds perched on white sticky cones. Whether at the Santa Monica Pier, or the “Happiest Place on Earth,” cotton candy was the greatest treat of all—a rare confection, fleeting and magical. Even now, at 23 years-old, I still experience delight every time I stumble across a cotton candy vendor anywhere!

Bon Puf has been a work in progress since I was a senior in high school. It started five years ago with the idea of reinventing cotton candy with a modern spin (pun absolutely intended). I was surprised to find that in a world of designer cupcakes and froyo shops, cotton candy making seemed to be a dying art—and I decided that had to change!


Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs (and foodies), it’s no surprise that I went on to start my own company. But to be honest, I never set out to be a small business owner, I just seriously love cotton candy and had a mission to make my favorite treat more available to others in a fresh and fun way!


When I got my first real machine I set to work playing with naturally flavored (and colored) organic cane sugars. I also began topping my pufs with spices, colorful sprinkles, Pop Rocks, flowers, sparkles, and more. I quickly realized that cotton candy could break through its pink, carnival confines, and become something amazingly artisanal, sophisticated, and hip—not to mention absolutely delicious! 


The best part is I now get to bring it to you! Click around the site to see what services we offer and what we’re all about.​ You can also follow the adventures by clicking on the social icons for my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Drop us a line to book the Bon Puf cart for your next event!  

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