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Q. Will I be able to select what day my order is shipped or request rush shipment?

Q. I live outside the U.S. Can I still order?

Q. How long will the cotton candy last?

Q. What if my order does not arrive in time or never gets to me due to weather conditions, shipping errors, or damage during the shipping process?

Q. I want to include a customized note because my order is a gift, can I do this?

Q. How much sugar is in a tub of cotton candy?

A. At this time we are unable to accommodate rush shipping requests. We ship via USPS Priority Mail and send out orders several times per week. Please plan ahead accordingly!

A. Currently, we are only shipping to the United States.

A. If the tubs go unopened and are stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, they can last several months, maybe longer. Keep in mind that shelf life is somewhat dependent on how the candy was handled during shipping and the weather/temperature conditions of its destination. Also, some shrinkage during shipping is normal. Check out the “Cotton Candy Care” instructions found on each product page for more information.

A. We are happy to include a sweet note with your order. Please let us know what you would like us to include in the “note to seller” area during checkout.

A. Unfortunately we are unable to offer replacements or refunds on any order that does not arrive due to USPS error or damage. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your order after we drop it off at the post office. Please make sure to enter all address fields correctly during the checkout process and please take the time to double check that everything is correct.

A. Less than you think! Surprisingly, a single tub of our cotton candy contains less sugar than a standard 20oz sports drink, a bowl of granola, or a cup of apple sauce. The light, airy nature of cotton candy allows a little to go a long way :) Please check the nutrition label images associated with each product for information on specific sugar amounts.

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